The Roundup – #TSQL2sday

Another T-SQL Tuesday has come and gone and I’ve got to admit that all the responses that were received are pretty awesome and even had a few responses from first timers that attended the PASS Summit 2012. While all the posts were great, I had one that blew me away and is exactly what the Community is about. Kendal Van Dyke allowed a post to be tied to his blog by Andy Levy who currently didn’t have a blog and is fairly new to SQL. If you get a chance check it out.

One theme that I read over and over again is that we are one huge family and we have each others backs. The Community has a whole goes out of their way to assist our fellow members. Below is the roundup from everyone who chimed in. Thanks everyone for their participation!

Remember if you are interested in hosting please contact Adam Machanic (B|T)


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Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1 Release

I’m a little behind in getting this information out; I wish I could say it was because I was in Seattle last week for the PASS Summit 2012; however that was not the case. In any sense Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for SQL Server 2012.

The last list of fixes I saw for what Service Pack 1 will contain can be found here

You can access the download center here

I’m interested to know how many of you in the SQL Community are utilizing SQL Server 2012 and what are some of the features you like and dislike about it. If you get time drop me a line and let me know.


PASS Summit 2012 ~ A Different View

This year’s PASS Summit of 2012 is nearing and end and while this year I was not able to attend I was able to catch a lot due to PASS TV making it’s debut.

I saw some very good sessions by many good speakers and while I wish I could have been there in person this gave me an avenue to feel like I was still a part of the Summit.

My hat goes off to the many volunteers and speakers that made this happen!!

T-SQL Tuesday #36 SQL Community / What Does the Community Mean To You?

What? Tuesday already? Is it me or is time really flying by?

Well, I’m fortunate enough this month to host Adam Machanic’s (B|T) concept of T-SQLTuesday #36. I’ve found the previous T-SQLTuesday hosts topics to be very interesting and I hope that I can do it some justice.

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve gone through some health concerns, a World Series has taken place, Sandy has occurred up North of me, Nascar is ending it’s season, College football is ending, spoke to a group of DBA’s last weekend, attended various webex sessions, etc. One common thread that kept coming to my mind is Community, team work, team effort.

Ironically enough, this week is the PASS Summit 2012. It’s killing me not to be in attendance but I am thankful for PASSTV and for co-workers of mine who are getting to attend for the first time (5 total).

Merriam-Webster defines Community as “a unified body of individuals”. For me the SQL Community is something that has helped me in my career; whether it is questions that I’ve had along the way where I was stuck, helping other DBA’s with issues they were having, networking with other DBA’s or making contacts for the future. The SQL Community is just that; we are a team. All on the same team; if one falls we pick each other up. I’ve never been part of a group of people who want to help each other more so than the SQL Community.

One of the best conferences I’ve been to is the PASS Summit. I was fortunate enough to attend last year and this years will provide new attendees the same fortune and opportunities that I have had. Sitting and seeing some of the top DBA’s in the industry learning in sessions along with me…..yeah I was floored.

So my question today is a simple one; I had several topics to choose from technically but I’m curious as to what others think about our SQL Community. Not just some off the cuff answer but really what do you think about it and how has it helped you?

Below are some thoughts I had in creating this topic:

  • How has the community helped me in my career
  • How can I better the community
  • How can I preserve what we already have
  • How can I help other people in the community

With that said there will be some first timers and there are rules to follow:

  1. Your blog post must be published between Tuesday, November 13th 2012 00:00:00 GMT and Wednesday, November 14th 2012 00:00:00 GMT
  2. Include the T-SQL Tuesday logo (above) and hyperlink it back to this post.
  3. If you don’t see your post in trackbacks, add the link to the comments below.
  4. If you are on Twitter please tweet your blog using the #TSQL2sDay hashtag. I can be contacted there as @YatesSQL, in case you have questions or problems with comments/trackback

Many thanks again to Adam Machanic; if you’d like to host a TSQL Tuesday please give him a shout!