Success Is Journey Not A……

I’ve ofSuccess or Failureten heard the quote “Success is not a journey, but a destination”. Over the course of the last few weeks that quote has taken on a life like form in many fashions. To name a few things that have come to light to make this quote a very real thing are the MCM retiring, having a VMAX overloaded by maintenance plans across the board, upcoming DR Testing, planned Power outages (better than non planned ones eh!).

All these things as I look back on them screams to me that Success is a journey, not a destination. For SQL Data Professionals our jobs are ever changing and growing as we grow with it. Each day is an opportunity to learn something within SQL that you or I didn’t know yesterday, each day presents it’s own opportunities to reach resolutions that you or I didn’t know yesterday, and each day represents that during our failures we can discover the true desire for success.

To the beginner who is starting out who doesn’t know about the sp_configure, the proper use of ORDER BY, or what Table Scan vs. Indexing; the answer is not to just ignore or give up. Dig in and discover what that solution is; it’s how we learn.

To the seasoned SQL Data Professional vet who has been putting off getting on the speaking circuit, taking a newbie under your wing and mentoring them, or simply are just comfortable; challenge yourself. Step outside that normal box and tackle new things head on.

When you have that replication issue that goes awry and you don’t have that big enough wrench to fix it (I use this analogy all the time thanks to Robert Davis a.k.a. SQLSoldier (B|T), stay the course and work your way through it.

I get asked a lot of questions when speaking, email traffic etc., where individuals feel defeated in the problems they are facing within SQL. Every problem has a solution; every solution is waiting to be found it’s up to us as SQL Data Professionals to buckle down and find the answer.

If you are not active in the community I’ve listed some of what I call top tier SQL Data Professionals on the right of this blog site that I follow who have helped me in my DBA career. Forums are also a great place to increase ones learning…to name a few you can check out these:

One last note; when is the last time you just said a simple thanks to someone who has helped you in your career? This past week that has weighed on my mind greatly. A former boss, a mentor, a person who you get newsfeeds from…..I fall in the boat where I get wrapped up in the work I do; I often overlook the simple thank you that in reality goes a long way.

Tackle obstacles, Tackle your fears, and Tackle the solution head one.

PASS – Time To Get Your Vote On

VoteI can remember pretty vividly the first time I attended a PASS function. It is something that profoundly changed my outlook on my career and how I view the SQL community as a whole. With that said there are three seats open for the PASS Board of Directors and you can view their profiles here.

I am familiar with just about everyone who is up for election, and while I don’t know them personally, I follow their work and what they stand for daily. All of the candidates hold what I believe to be the following:

  • Integrity
  • Character
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Share their knowledge with the community
  • All seem to want to influence the growth of our community
  • Responsible

These are just a few of the many traits that these finalists represent.

One of the very first ones that I came across on this list that stuck out to me was Allen Kinsel. It’s a no brainer from an experience standpoint along with is proven track record, but the ideas, goals, and future outlook is what has lured me to this candidate. As I stated earlier each candidate is deserving in their own right; I encourage each of you to follow up in reviewing these well deserving candidates. The decision itself will be a difficult one for me; how about  you?

To the candidates themselves I wanted to personally thank you for your time, effort, countless hours of sharing your knowledge, being proven leaders, and allowing yourselves to be nominated for such a prestigious position.

**Voting will open end of day Pacific Time Sept. 25 and close at noon Pacific Time Sept. 30. Ballots will be sent to all PASS members in good standing as of June 13, 2013**

Adversity – How Do You Handle It?

Adversity Adversity by definition is a difficult situation or condition misfortune or tragedy. When that time comes; how do you handle it?

If replication breaks causing the business to not get the data they need in a timely fashion and you are the lone conductor driving the train down the tracks and everyone is standing at your desk, how do you handle it? I

f your backups failed from the previous night and for some reason your notification of failure didn’t reach you and you had no knowledge of the situation until days later, how do you handle it?

Someone calls and said they can’t access their systems and you find out something is causing tempdb to fill up, how do you handle it?

Better yet, you find out that a certification you were working toward had been retired (MCM), how do you handle it?


I can only speak for myself and no one else, I fell into the same category a lot of people across the nation did of working toward the MCM certification goal. I mean let’s face it, last I checked a very small percentage obtained this goal and being the competitive person I am I wanted to reach that goal. Not for anyone else but for myself and the standards I set for my own self.

At first I was upset and like so many others not so much toward the retiring of the program but how it was delivered by Microsoft. I purposefully waited to construct a blog post as I didn’t want to let emotions get in the way of potential views toward the topic.

Adversity has now hit for a lot of people, for me in particular I choose not to dwell on it but wait to see what will be offered next by Microsoft, restructure my goals, and move forward. I am a bit biased but I get to work with some of the best technology day in and day out and am in constantly learning mode. Some of the things that we can control are the way we handle adversity when it rears its ugly head, the attitude to how we conduct ourselves through the adversity, and the character building we can learn from it.

Am I happy about the retirement, no I wasn’t. At the end of the day though I do have a lot to be thankful for and looking back on my studying, lab testing, hours of working toward the certification it allowed me to push myself to learn a lot more than what I did the previous day and the day before that. I’m eager to see where the next chapter leads in the stepping stone of my learning.

Adversity – how will you handle it? Each of us are different; doesn’t make one person better than the next by how we handle it, but I do encourage others to push through adversity when it comes. You’ll be a stronger person in doing so.