“If you could give a DBA just one piece of advice, what would it be?”

John asked 20 successful and experienced SQL Server professionals this exact question. I share my thoughts with you, and you can find all our answers together inside DBA JumpStart, a unique collection of inspiring content just for SQL Server DBAs. Be sure to get your free copy of DBA JumpStart.

Take the time to download and read the copy today; you won’t be disappointed by it and might just learn something new from some of the most renowned data professionals in our field.

webucatorWebucator provides onsite and online training on technologies such as Microsoft ASP.NET, XML, Windows, Java, Adobe Flash, HTML5, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, and more. Webucator has trained more than 52,404 students from over 13,416 organizations. With that said, we partnered for a free training video that can be found at the location here. While you are at it, stop by and check out some other SQL Server training courses that are offered here

republic-bank-case-study“SQL Search has saved me many hours, and a lot of frustration.” — Chris Yates, Database Administration Manager, Republic Bank

See why Chris Yates relies on SQL Search to search through objects in his 1500 databases.

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A good example is database deployments which used to involve writing scripts by hand, which were reviewed by multiple people. This was hugely time-consuming and error-prone and often meant one team member became a bottleneck for delivery.

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