T-SQL Tuesday #41 Presenting and Loving It

SQL TuesdayThis months T-SQL Tuesday party is being hosted by Bob Pusateri (a.k.a. SQL BOB) (B | T). Bob’s topic for this month is intriguing to me as I wrestled with this for some time first starting out – Presenting!

I think for me personally, I really started to think about presenting after returning from my first Pass Summit (2011). Sure, I’ve given speeches in college, and talked openly in discussions but something drew me to speaking on a topic that I enjoy working with everyday ~ SQL.

  • First Presentation – my first presentation went surprisingly well. I had been in front of large crowds on many occasions so talking wasn’t my initial problem; my initial problem was knowing that the attendees came to get info and to learn, and I needed to be sure I was prepared to give that to them.
  • Investment – I started to look at speaking as investing time in others. I cannot begin to tell you how beneficial and fortunate I have been to study, learn, and tap into some of the best minds in the SQL industry. They have taken the time to invest in me to further my knowledge and career; I should do the same and help others along the way if I can. You see that is what is so great about the SQL Community; the community is there and always helps.

I know there are other people out there that are hesitant to take the plunge in speaking. I have personally experienced some great benefits to speaking. For those that are hesitant these might be worth considering.

  • Gain knowledge – when you are presenting on a topic it drives you to gain more knowledge about the topic. Knowing the ins and outs and going through test results and scenarios.
  • Networking – meeting new faces in the community; getting involved with peers
  • SQL Saturday’s – attending new SQL Saturday’s in different locations
  • Giving back – as I already stated giving back to the community that has helped me in so many ways over the years

Speaking is like anything else you set your mind to. Practice and you will get better; if you haven’t taken the plunge yet I encourage you to try it once; see how you like it; you might find something out about yourself.

Want to host a party?

So you want to know if you are eligible to host a T-SQL Tuesday party? Glad you asked, you can contact Adam Machanic (B | T) who is the founder of T-SQL Tuesday.

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