Change Sometimes Is A Good Thing

Change2The past several weeks I have started to take inventory. Every Data Professional should do this whether it is a bi-monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Technically what comes to my mind is backups, security checks, what can be automated, what worked for you this year and what didn’t, etc.

With that said I came full circle back to this blog The SQL Corner. This adventure started in 2011 and I have shared this story with you many times over regarding the fire being lit after returning from PASS Summit (by the way if you have never been to one check into it; can be career changing hint hint). I started to look at this blog in a different light lately, something has been missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

One of my favorite posts I completed this past 2013 was The Fab Five; people who I looked up to in the industry; when going back and revisiting that post it dawned on me. Sure each one has their own style of writing; no one person is the same but they are all tied via one common thread – content.


This year, 2014, has much promise. That statement in and of itself can be said each and every year. The hitch or catch is what will I make of it, or what will you make of it. I’ve become more focused in the SQL Community, being a SQL DBA day to day, and being simply a Data Professional than ever before. While 2013 was a great year I want 2014 to be an exceptional year.

With that said The SQL Corner will be getting a face lift here and there. The focus or theme for it this year is content. I want to focus on the message at hand and relay it to readers to the best of my ability all the while making it easy to perhaps get an answer to an underlying question that one might not have known the answer to, or better yet provoke thought into an issue that one can derive a solution.


I look back at 2013 and realize that perfection is just a word in our industry. Not one person is perfect. We all make mistakes, daily, however continuous learning is key. While content will be at the forefront I will also be sharing some learning aspects that I am going through as well.

A few things that have already come to mind are noted below:

Steve Jones came up with his Power Shell series which has challenged me to dive a bit more into Power Shell; I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts on that.

Grant Fritchey has spoken multiple times on Azure; to which I am going to dive into this year.

My own tool belt; I get asked often by people from all over what I have in my arsenal of attack to conquer issues within SQL.

Many more an exciting topics forthcoming.


This year will provide much more structure to the blog. John Sansom brought to light to me the calendar idea for blogging which I plan to follow. A lot of times I pull from my One Note pool of ideas but structuring my posts I think will help me stream line a bit more along with providing that thought out content I am desiring to put forth for everyone.

**you can find this calendar idea and much more over at SQL Brit’s Forum; great content there. Why not register today and get your learn on


2014 is game time. I’d like to take The SQL Corner to a new level and for that matter my SQL Presence in the community. I challenge not just myself but you as well; what kind of year will you make it. Will you stay stagnant going with the status quo; or will the fire be lit and you start challenging yourself to step outside the comfort zone and box.

Let’s grow this community that is already a great one; heck lets blow the doors off and make it exceptional.

Thank you all for a great year; look forward to this year.

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