What Are You Thankful For

ThankfulBob Pusateri (B | T) wrote a blog post yesterday for anyone who was interested on sharing what they were thankful for to write a blog post and link back to his. With Thanksgiving on the way the picture is painted perfectly; I can hear now as family members gather around the table and one by one you hear words of gratitude and what everyone is thankful for.

Taking Bob’s post and bringing it, for myself, into the SQL realm I would be amiss if I didn’t express my gratitude for the many SQL family members who have invested time in me and my career. After attending PASS Summit 2014  this year it hit me like a ton of bricks ~ The People.

After many conversations and a lot of observations the many people who are helping other people in our community is mind boggling. Time and time again I meet people who are not aware of this camaraderie. It is exemplified everywhere you can find this type of commitment and effort in various places:

  • websites
  • forums
  • twitter
  • events
  • webinars

The list could go on and on; while we are thankful for our immediate families we need to remember the many community volunteers, leaders, community involvement ~ the people. For you see, the people make up this great community in which we call “The SQL Community. Even if you are the most celebrated community leader; someone somewhere invested time in you. Even if you didn’t know it at the time; they did.

I encourage you to take a moment and thank someone who has helped you along your way.

Many thanks Bob for putting something like this on and for the job you do day in and day out. I’m glad our paths crossed at Summit this year.

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