Continuing on the Journey of Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics has always enamored me. With its analytics service capabilities bridging the gap between enterprise data warehousing and Big Data analytics, it provides the end users much freedom to query their data.

One of the newer features that came out recently was the Cosmos DB synapse link to Azure Data Explorer. Having a big data analytics platform with near-real response times has constantly been engaging and diving more into the world of the Cosmos DB functionality. Within engineering and strategy, combining components such as geospatial and unstructured data; can be a game changer for most.

For those not keen on diving into the Azure Analytics space, Microsoft offers a rolling monthly update with all the latest and greatest features the team and platform are pushing out. Some of the go-to resources I have to be helpful are:

Azure Synapse Analytics Blog – Microsoft Community Hub

Azure Synapse Monthly (Updates) Blog

Getting started with Azure Synapse Analytics – Guy in a Cube

If you are into the data space, check out the evolution of Azure Synapse and what offerings and impact it could have for your industries.

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