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PASS Summit 2012 ~ A Different View

This year’s PASS Summit of 2012 is nearing and end and while this year I was not able to attend I was able to catch a lot due to PASS TV making it’s debut.

I saw some very good sessions by many good speakers and while I wish I could have been there in person this gave me an avenue to feel like I was still a part of the Summit.

My hat goes off to the many volunteers and speakers that made this happen!!

PASS Summit 2012 – Closing In


Last year, 2011, I had the opportunity to attend this conference. I never had been to Seattle and my peers who have attended before me said that I would be amazed at what I would be getting myself into.

I’m not sure how to explain it other than by telling you my experience about it.


Upon arriving to the conference I was amazed to see that I was there with roughly 3 to 5 thousand of my fellow community brothers and sisters. I am not by any means an introvert; but I can see how people would be awestruck when walking into the convention center.

I quickly found that networking, sharing issues, sharing solutions, and gaining knowledge was at the forefront. Each day PASS puts on a daily luncheon, now I tell you one thing……..SQL……can’t really top that.

Last year I had the opportunity to meet some of the most respected SQL MVP’s in the industry such as Chris Shaw, Jason Strate, Brad McgeheeGrant Fritchey, and Steve Jones.


First and foremost let me congratulate you on attending. Secondly, don’t be alarmed or get to overwhelmed. PASS does a great job of orientation and getting attendees acclimated to the week ahead.

For an insight into the workshops and orientation you can go directly to the PASS website  for reference.


This will be the most beneficial conference SQL related you could attend. If you are looking for something that could change your career or outlook I would seriously consider attending; where else will you get


Registration is simple; for exact information you can visit the PASS site directly here

PASS 2012 Elections Ballot

Top of the morning to everyone. It’s that time again, today marks the kick off for electing three new seats to the PASS Board of Directors. If you are part of the PASS SQL community I implore you to take a moment, read up on the candidates and select the ones you think will best fit the positions.

This years candidates is yet again another stellar pool. They are:

  • James Rowland-Jones
  • Sri Sridharan
  • Allen Kinsel
  • Wendy Pastrick
  • Kendal Van Dyke

You can view the candidate pages that PASS has put together here

Voting will run through October 12th

I personally would like to wish all of the candidates luck as all five of them would be a great fit.

Get out and vote!