A Typical Day That Wasn’t So Typical

As DBA’s we have our own patterns and schedules. The way I set my day will not be the same way you set your day; nor will occurances that occur throughout the day affect me the same as it would you. Last week turned out to be a not so typical day. Everyday I come into the office I have a set of things I’d like to get done in my head; now whether that occurs or not is remained to be seen but nevertheless some form of schedule is in my mind. As the work day progressed last Friday we were told of storms rolling in, to be honest when first hearing this I didn’t think much of it. I knew I had alot of things I needed to get done for that day and accomplished before I left.

We began to notice and get calls from family members that businesses were going to be shut down and people where heading out of town to get back to their homes. I cut my day short about an hour and a half not expecting what was about to happen.

I’m going to tell my age somewhat but the last time any Tornado came through was 1974; I was not born yet at that time but I have heard stories of it. As my family and I sat and watched the storms unfold we started to hear some hail, then some rain….that was all that unfolded where I was at however 20 minutes a way there was devestation…….I know this post is a little bit different but we get so wrapped up in our routines and what we have to do that sometimes we forget what really matters most. I look at the devastation below and it could have just as easy been me and my family. Be thankful for everyday, and next time when you think that the problem at work is going to do you in remember stuff like this. In the grand scheme of things the things we worry about might not be so important. Please remember the people in Indiana during this time as they try to pick up and rebuild and for the many lives that were lost. Out of a tradgedy you will see communities bond together and buil each other back up.



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