Someone Forget to Logoff that Remote Desktop Session?


Did Someone Forget To Logoff?

Phone rings….. alerts start going off……… coffee hasn’t been made yet….. it’s 2:13 a.m. and the issue requires you to remote login to the server to perform some task; only to find out that the server has already exceeded the maximum number of users. Has that happened to you before? Has me; either other people are on the box looking at something else or someone forgets to go ahead and log off when they are done using the box.

When this occurs I like to use the QWINSTA\RWINSTA operations from the command line to help me identify who is on the box and then graciously log them off. I know there are other methods to complete the same task; however I tend to roll with this one as it is engrained in my head.

To display information about Terminal Sessions you can type the following command in the cmd prompt:

  • qwinsta /server:[servername]

This command will give you the session name, username, id, state, type, and device.

This information is good however; how can you get someone off the server? That can be accomplished by using a similiar cmd line; howerver I DO RECOMMEND that you check with the individual prior to just booting them out unless it is an extreme emergency

  • rwinsta /server:[servername] [sessionid]

You need to make sure that you capture the sessionid that you saw from the qwinsta function in order to log them off.

I know Windows Administrators go through the Terminal Services Manager route but if you’re like me and enjoy some good command line based tools this can be another option for you; especially when you are woken up at night and the other people logged in could be fast asleep!!

3 thoughts on “Someone Forget to Logoff that Remote Desktop Session?

  1. Bill

    the commands seem to be correct, but I get and error on all my servers:
    error 1722 the rpc server is unavailable

    Evidently our settings are different.

  2. Chris Yates Post author

    Hey Bill, thanks for the comment. Sounds like the RPC service might not be started. Also would need to make sure the user account has the proper creds as well. Let me know if you still have troubles and I’ll try to assist.


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