Where Did The Time Go?

A lot has been happening over the course of the last month. It was very nice to take a much needed vacation with the family, upon coming back our team has had the opportunity to upgrade several of our SQL Servers to 2012 (which I’m thoroughly excited about).

While I was out, SQL MVP Chris Shaw, had the opportunity to host T-SQL Tuesday #30 where he discussed Ethics and the DBA. I felt it prudent to blog on this even though I missed the timeline as it seems to be a pretty important topic that will always be around with a lot of opinions.

After reading SQL MVP Chris Shaw’s post, I always had this preconceived notion of what I deemed ethical in my day to day activities as a DBA. I have my own standards that I set high for myself and strive to maintain; have I ever given much thought to a set of authoritative rules for the whole DBA governing body?? It has crossed my mind but like others I think how in the world would one police such a thing and who would be responsible for it?

The institution I work for very well could have a totally different set of standards than the institution you work for so how would that play out? No, to me, the situation is so diverse I don’t see a certain set of ethical standards being derived for DBA’s in general, but I do think that every DBA should have a very high set of standards in place for themselves even if the company where you work does not have any in place. DBA’s in general are responsible for so much and are such an integral part to a company that if standards aren’t in place I truly believe can cause severe damage.

After reviewing the post(s) by so many others I found it interesting to see everyone’s points of views. DBA’s are a brotherhood, we are a close knit community. We have high standards for ourselves which is the way it should be. Take pride in what we do and give it 110%.

To review the SQL Tuesday #30 wrap up on Chris Shaw’s site you can go  here.

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