Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Should I give credit?

We’ve all been there; it’s late in the day and you have been staring at your screen for hours on end looking for an answer to your problem. After much testing; going back and forth you stumble upon an article on a technical website, blog, or Microsoft site that has the answer you have been looking for.

What’s Next?

As you look at the article and you implement the code that has been found you find that it works like a champ; your problem has been solved and crisis has been averted. Your colleagues come running up to you shaking your hand telling you that you are the greatest SQL DBA super hero that has ever lived, the boss comes over and pats you on your back and tells you that you are well on your way; all the while you never pipe up and say “Hey, I found this at…..”

The Reality

Okay maybe it doesn’t quite get that out of control but you get the picture. The temptation is there to take glory for something that you didn’t write or produce. Sure you’ve found the solution to the problem by doing hour of research but does one really take the time out of the high-fiving, chest bumping to note how you came up with the resolution?

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

Here lately I have been on several technical blogs, had conversations where credit is taken for work that was done by someone else. I’ve seen it among teams, I’ve seen it nationally, and I’ve seen it accidentally. One thing that I enjoy about the SQL Community is that everyone is so helpful to provide assistance to others who are in need of help or need assistance in understanding an issue that they are working on. In saying that I believe it is of the utmost importance that if something is utilized that someone else has mentioned, wrote, helped with that you give credit where credit is due.

What Can I Do?

One might ask, how do I give credit to someone I don’t even know…….to me this is the most simplest of things. I’ve never met a person when I’ve approached them and asked them that I would like to mention them in my post about the tool, code, or article they produced turn me down.

I believe it is a way to show respect to our colleagues and to our community…..

I believe it is a justice that we must take on as a responsible SQL DBA……

I believe it is proper etiquette to display……..

Have you ever had a utility, piece of code, article that you created only to find out later that someone took credit for it? I implore others who may come across this article to take a step back and give others credit where credit is due. You’ll be glad you did and at the end of the day just be honest.

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