Who Do I Follow? Where Do I Go?

There are many helpful sites within the SQL Community and several more blog sites that I follow. My favorites are noted on this site; however one that keeps drawing me back time and time again is by Brent Ozar’s group. For those of you who have not had the opportunity to check the site out I’ll lay out some real world specifics on what has helped me and how I have benefited from such sites as this one.

The Webcast’s

Every Tuesday I usually find my way to their 30 minute webcast for treating pain points within SQL (among other topics). At the end of each web cast, if time permits, they will host a quick question and answer session over the topic to viewers. Check out future webcast’s here

Two Important Free Tools

There are two scripts that have seemed to help me tremendously over the course of the year. One is sp_Blitz (comes with a SSMS custom report) which a new version just came out; and the other is sp_BlitzIndex. I recently just started to use the sp_BlitzIndex but I liking this little utility while the other sp_Blitz I use when hitting new or old servers, you know the ones that you stumble upon that no one knows about and no one has a clue of what it is doing. Two great free utilities that are offered that may just save your hide one day.

Popular Topics

I like the fact that on the site they keep a section for Popular Topics that are happening within the industry; keeps me up to date and provides insight on some of the issues I experience on a daily basis. Some topics you may find:

The Team

The team makeup of Brent, Kendra, Jeremiah, and Jes makes it an easy choice for me to have in my arsenal of following. I try to find people in the industry of whom I consider for myself top in the industry and learn from them and their techniques to help better myself and further gain more knowledge.

Check it out

If you haven’t already done so go check their site out and what their about. Real people providing real solutions with some fun along the way.

4 thoughts on “Who Do I Follow? Where Do I Go?

  1. Brent Ozar

    Thanks, glad you like our stuff! We have a blast putting it together. I just keep saying to myself, “Man, I wish there had been something like this when I was struggling through database administration.”

  2. Tim Harkin

    I would also add that they are entertaining. If you are presented with the most detailed and thorough information in the world, but it is dry and boring, it will be difficult to learn. Think about Books Online. Brent and his team present information in a funny and humorous way (if you like geeky humor, and if you are a DBA, you probably do) that makes it very accessible.


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