Where Did January Go?

Well, January seemed like a blur work wise to me.  It normally is the busiest time of the year; more so than the other months which would explain my scarce posts for the month. I’ve been fortunate enough to catch some of the forums that John Sansom has over at his place and one of the threads I got involved with was regarding time.

Time is of the essence it seems anymore and where you devote your time whether it is family, blogging, technical writing, work related tasks, and so on it all requires time. During the day I found myself caught in the endless trap of using the time crutch of not being able to provide posts on topics I deal with everyday.

In order to remedy this I am starting to re-organize the way I am handling things so I can be more consistent with the content getting out on this blog; if you were to look at my OneNote section you will find a plethora of topics that I haven’t been able to touch yet.

I look forward to starting this month off the way I want to and allow for specified times to write.

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