Renovations On The Way

ProfessorWhat Is The SQL Corner

I attended my first PASS Summit back in 2011 in Seattle and quickly realized that I could be doing more for the community that what I was currently doing. When I came back I thought I could tackle the SQL world, leap tall buildings in a single bound, round up all the unnecessary bad practices and so on. The SQL Corner came about as a meeting place where people could come and gather to find solutions, present new techniques, and share some knowledge.


It has been an enjoyable three years in continuing to write for this blog and other avenues. I have realized that over time I enjoy being able to discuss what I may be going through and solutions found to issues that occur in an DBA’s life.

As time has progressed the community has seemed to welcome what The SQL Corner represented “Leadership Through Service”.

Time For A Change

With time, things change. In the latter part of last year I’ve developed a passion for writing more, sharing more in the community, and speaking to various groups. I started to see morphing The SQL Corner into something more; transitioning it over to what will become the SQL Professor.

Why The Change

The name change represents where I am at and what I’d like for the SQL Corner to become; a place for “continued learning”. In my 12+ SQL career one thing has always remained the same – there is always something to learn and always a skill set to work on. For me, I believe this is why I enjoy working with SQL so much. I enjoy coming into work everyday and the job of being a DBA. With being a DBA comes great responsibility and striving to continual learn new things is a passion that I hope will never burn out.


With all that said you will start to see some renovations being introduced over the next few months both from this blog standpoint, social media, etc. I’m thankful for the ride I’ve been on over the last few years and looking forward to what the new journey will hold.

Feedback is welcome

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