Live Blog – Pass Summit Key Note – Day 1

PASS_2015_200x200Joseph Sirosh, Corporate VP of Data Group Microsoft talks about zigabytes….what!!!!!! Predominately in the cloud is where data will be moving; yes folks let’s get used to this now.

Age of Hardware and Automation to Age of the Software and digitization we have grown profoundly over the last 50 years. Guess what, Joseph goes into depth about the thew new age…the Age of Data and Intelligence about the customer experience.

Truly amazing how data in everyday life from healthcare with Cortana is all driven in the new Age of Software that improves patient outcomes and this is just one of the avenues that data is being used.

DocuSign has 50 million users with over 50k users joining every day; guess who drives the back end to DocuSign…….SQL Server. Eric Fleischman from, DocuSign, is the Chief Architect and VP of Platform Engineering talks about how the company can start to scale and answer deeper questions and good to hear of the newer technology that they have moved to.

A mission critical OLTP system is important for companies such as DocuSign with high performance data analytics along with end to end mobile BI. SQL Server 2016 is meant to be the method to support all of these methods with the Cloud first approach.

Shawn Bice, “companies who embrace data”…really got me thinking…does your company embrace data?

SQL Server 2016….let’s roll

  • Everything is built in
    • Industry leader in Mission Critical OLTP
    • Most Secure database
    • Highest performing data warehouse
    • end to end mobile BI on any device
    • in-database Advanced Analytics
      • R + in-memory
  • Dramatically simplify HA and DR
    • Enhanced AlwaysOn
      • Easy Setup – of on -premises and hybrid cloud HA and HR
      • Load balancing – of readable secondaries
      • Fast fail over – on-premises or to cloud
  • Remove the complexity of big data – T-SQL over Hadoop
  • Real-Time operational analytics
    • R built-in to your T-SQL
    • Real-Time operational analytics without moving data
    • Open source R with in memory and massive scale – multi threading and massive parallel processing

As you can see SQL 2016 has some phenomenal features on the way.

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