Is ROI for Vendors Worth the SQL Saturday Investment?

networkingPiggy backing onto the recent SQL Saturday post here in Louisville, I wanted to take a more in-depth look, from my perspective, on how vendors all fit into these events.

Having the opportunity to work alongside these vendors has been both a learning experience for myself along with forming new bonds along the way. Louisville has been fortunate enough to have some of the best vendors in our industry who see the importance of investing time in others for a few reasons.

  • Networking
  • Getting their products name out
  • Growing their local community pool
  • Bringing exposure to their company

SQL Saturday events provide a much more intimate setting with a lower number of attendees. Example our event for the past two years had over 220 users sign up. This is a much smaller scale then say what a PASS conference has signed up where over five thousand of your closest friends attend.

The SQL Saturday events allow the attendees to get up close and personal with the vendors on products that they may or may not use. That’s great Chris, but I’m a vendor and how would I get ROI out of it; because at the end of the day if I want to sponsor an event there needs to be some gains on my end?

This therein is a valid question and one that is not taken lightly. In speaking with a vendor they had this to say about our event:

Our sponsorship of SQL Saturday allowed us to connect with a wealth of developers and DBAs, in a single day. The event was organized, productive, and time well spent furthering our business in Louisville.

I am starting to see soft metrics, such as intangibles, in determining the business value sending data professionals for respective vendors to such events. What kind of intangibles? They’re the stuff that doesn’t show up in traditional cost-accounting methods but that truly makes a difference in maximizing the potential knowledge growth of the organization. These include employee learning, vendor interaction, business relationships, and networking. Some of these are clearly more quantifiable than others, but all are important to a vendors success.

Some outside thoughts on how ROI for vendors is applicable:

  • You have to evaluate your audience.
  • Make sure your input channel, in this case your interaction with attendees, has some new features for viewing.
  • List of attendees for potential future clients.
  • Make your presence known prior to event (outside the marketing done by said event).
  • Commitment from potential attendees
  • Flexibility

End of the day, vendors are a huge part from all angles in regards to SQL Saturday events. Getting a great local base at events like this continues to build and solidify companies advancement in the technology space; specifically around the Microsoft stack.


If you are interested in getting involved you can check out or view upcoming schedules at the SQL Saturday home page here.

From personal experience I know that talking with vendors at said events it has opened doors and opportunities for business in my current and previous shops along with building a network base for future discussions.

SQL Sentry Does It Again–Plan Explorer 3.0

planexplorer-logo-300x78Being in a shop that utilizes Plan Explorer it was awesome to hear of the news release from SQL Sentry on upcoming changes around their product.

In case you missed this news you can check out Greg Gonzalez’s (B|T) post at

So, what does this mean for you, the readers and community members?

  • All features are completely FREE
  • There is one SKU now
  • Registration is still not required ( I’ll give you an added hint here; if you register there are some other benefits, so why not?)
  • You ready for this one – – two powerful features have been included in Plan Explorer 3.0:
    • Index Analysis
    • Performance Profiling

Now, for an added benefit SQL Sentry’s very own Aaron Bertrand (B|T) will be hosting a webinar on Friday, September 9th at 11:00 a.m. EDT. You can register for this webinar at

Why Plan Explorer?

I can tell you from personal experience that having Plan Explorer in your tool belt gives the data professional some added fire power on a daily basis. For a full listing of these features check out and see for yourself what you are missing.

My Favorite Features

One of my favorite features is the SSMS add-in; however there are several more features that might tickle your fancy such as:

  • History and comments – did I just hear some cheers? As you go through tuning and optimizing these queries you can keep notes and comments along the way.
  • Statistics Analysis with Histograms
  • Expressions
  • Tree Statements
  • Query Columns
  • Table/IO


SQL Sentry has hit a home run with this new release. The product continues to build out nicely; the team there gets a “job well done” in my book