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DBA Deployments

There are many aspects a DBA must handle on a daily, monthly, yearly basis. One that has been sticking out to me in recent weeks is deployment methodologies and the various ones that other people might have in place.

For example:

My current process utilizes TFS and RedGate tools. Below is a representation of what a deployment of mine might look like.

  • Code is checked in to source control by developer
  • A release is created consisting of bugs and tasks within TFS by a release manager
  • Once the release is put into place in TFS a comparison with in TFS is completed on the branch or by a label to see what was deployed out to our first landing zone ( a QA environment) from the last deployment
  • The latest code is gotten from Red Gate SQL Source Control
  • Using Red Gate SQL Compare differences are compared and pushed based on what was scheduled on the release ticket

Now this is just a very high level view without all the intricate workings that are not defined out in this post. I am always looking for ways to improve processes and be as productive as can be. I am curious as to what others might be using or the different methodologies and processes that others in the community use to deploy out to their respective environments.

Fill free to drop me a line or comment.