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Pro-Activeness vs. Passiveness

I was posed this question the other day by a fellow DBA of mine. We tend to bounce ideas off each other randomly and the question in simple terms was this, “Do you consider yourself a pro-active DBA or do you consider yourself a Passive DBA.” First I want to explain the term passive so it is not taken out of context of the conversation I had. Passive is not meant to be downgrading in any manner. The question asked simply meant do you wait for things to happen than attack the situation.

In my career I have seen various DBA methods utilized by many different people. I myself tend to fall in the Pro-Active category. I want to head as many items off before they happen than to re-act to them. This doesn’t mean some won’t slip through the cracks; of course they will we are human. It simply means that everyday I come into the office I give 110% in every aspect to make my environment as secure and efficient as possible.

So, I pose this question out to my fellow DBA’s and also a challenge. Which category do you fall in and do you think it is the right category to be in?

This simple question turned into an hr conversation over lunch on the why’s and why-not. Challenge yourself in 2012; motivate  yourself to become a better person and better DBA.