One of the many positives of being part of the SQL community is that you get to pick the brains of so many talented people and at the same time get to follow so many MVP’s such as Chris Shaw, Brent Ozar, Steve Jones, Glen Barry, Grant Fritchey, and so many more. Not long ago I was looking for a more enhanced sp_who2 procedure that can tell me who is active currently with the text that is being ran by the active spids. Knowing that other DBA’s out there have felt my same pain I ended up sitting on webinar by Brent Ozar. He was speaking of this sp_WhoIsActive procedure that Adam Machanic produced; well it didn’t take long to sell me on the idea.

The concept of capturing the SQL text that is currently being ran intrigued me in the way it was being brought back in such a helpful manner………..I suggest you at least take a look at it and see what you think.

To get the download from Adam Machanic you can go here

To view Brent Ozar’s 5 minute tutorial you can go here

I did end up tweaking this somewhat to pull out of my utility database and reference the master DB just because it was my personal preference. Thanks to the many MVP’s and community players out there that continue to come up with such cool tricks of the trade!

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