Communication – Is there a gap?

As a database administrator I’ve seen first hand how key communication really is. Throughout my career I would pride myself on bridging the ever so-called gap between developers and database administrators. It’s an age-old additive right? Developers think Administrators are too staunch in allowing them to do what they need to do and that they have no clue on how to develop, and administrators think developers just flat-out write bad code among other things. Well, something hit me this week that I never really gave much thought to and is kind of ironic ~ do I have any gaps between myself and the rest of the database administration team? Granted some people are the sole team but for those who are on more than a one man team how is your communication with your peers? I get so busy in looking at how other departments are doing I forget to check my own door step and see how our team is interacting.

How is your communication?

2 thoughts on “Communication – Is there a gap?

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