Sessions For PASS 2012 Released

I was excited to see the sessions have been released for this years PASS 2012 Summit

If you’ve been involved in the SQL Community for any particular time than hopefully PASS has come up here or there. I can say from personally attending in the past that the knowledge gained and networking that you will do is invaluable.

Some of my peers have inquired what are the pro’s, and why should I attend such a Summit. Again, I can only say that you get out of it what you put into it. The atmosphere and mindset going into the Summit to learn and gain some knowledge from the best speakers the SQL Community offers ~ well you’ll walk away amazed.

I think PASS does a great job in detailing what they are about and the why’s and who should attend questions. You can check all that out here.

Everything you will need to know about the Summit from lodging to pricing, etc is available on their site. If you are attending ~ GREAT; if you are on the border line than can I implore you to go; and if you don’t think you are going I ask you to take a hard look at it in  hopes to change your mind.

Let’s make this PASS Summit the best yet. Hope to see you there!

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