Static Data

Static Data Scripts

Ever had to wipe out tables only to put data back into the table such as maybe look up tables or some tables that never really ever change but maybe on a yearly basis?

To me static data scripts are integral in a sense it keeps you from re-inventing the wheel over and over again. In thinking of this topic I realized that I had some gaps myself I could shore up and get some quick scripts created so that when the time comes I have them at my disposal.

A basic template to go buy can be something like the one below:

*** Static data management script ***

PRINT ‘Updating static data table [dbo].[tabl1]’

— Turn off affected rows being returned

— Change this to 1 to delete missing records in the target
— WARNING: Setting this to 1 can cause damage to your database
— and cause failed deployment if there are any rows referencing
— a record which has been deleted.
DECLARE @DeleteMissingRecords BIT
SET @DeleteMissingRecords = 1

— 1: Define table variable
DECLARE @tblTempTable TABLE (
[Id] int,
[Info1] BIT

— 2: Populate the table variable with data
INSERT INTO @tblTempTable ([Id], [Info1])
VALUES (‘1′, ’10’)

— 3: Delete any missing records from the target
IF @DeleteMissingRecords = 1
DELETE FROM [dbo].[tabl1] FROM [dbo].[tabl1] LiveTable
LEFT JOIN @tblTempTable tmp ON LiveTable.[Id] = tmp.[Id]

— 4: Update any modified values with the values from the table variable
LiveTable.[Info1] = tmp.[Info1],
FROM [dbo].[tabl1] LiveTable
INNER JOIN @tblTempTable tmp ON LiveTable.[Id] = tmp.[Id]

— 3: Insert any new items into the table from the table variable
INSERT INTO [dbo].[tabl1] ([Id], [Info1])
SELECT tmp.[Id], tmp.[Info1]
FROM @tblTempTable tmp
LEFT JOIN [dbo].[tabl1] tbl ON tbl.[Id] = tmp.[Id]

PRINT ‘Finished updating static data table [dbo].[tabl1]’


I know in times past this type of methodology has saved me some hours here and there and if you have data that you know will not change, especially if you push from one environment to another makes life a little easier.


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