The Microsoft SQL Server MVP

What is an MVP?

For myself growing up in the realm of sports through high school and college an MVP is a most valuable player. In general an MVP is recognized in his area or field, an honor bestowed on him or her that distinguishes them as being recognized by their peers.

What is a SQL MVP

This carries over for me from my statement above on what an MVP is. I have friends that are SQL MVP’s and some friends that aren’t. Microsoft’s SQL MVP program recognizes individuals who make exceptional contributions to technical communities, sharing their passion, knowledge, etc.


No, I am not currently a SQL MVP and this is where my thought and blog really comes to life and the purpose for the post. As I stated before I have several friends who are SQL MVP’s and a lot who aren’t. One who is not approached me the other day via phone and I could tell something was bothering them. After some inquiring I discovered that the person was clearly upset that they did not have an MVP title next to their name so much so that they disclosed they were going to stop writing, being involved in the SQL Community etc.

The Outlook

I have mad respect for all of the current SQL MVP’s that are available to the community and the efforts that they put forth day in and day out; they are examples to me of what hard work and diligence can achieve in the profession and I hope one day I can become one; but I also want to share a different point of view to other fellow SQL Server Professionals. The SQL Community is just that a community of individual professionals that provide a knowledge base like no other. I implore the individuals who like my friend, basically was going to throw the towel in to keep working hard.

I once was told by my coach “Attitude – what you or I feel or think about something or somebody”. What’s your attitude today? Are you making a difference? Are you helping your co-workers? Are you continually learning to make yourself better? Do you want to me a game changer?

Somewhere somebody will always be practicing, learning, fine-tuning their skills – what will you be doing? Let’s get in the game, stay in the game, and while we are at it we might as well have some fun with it. All the other stuff will fall into place in due time, give 110% every time out.




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