SQL Server 2012 Best Practices – The Book

 People who I have spoken with over a period of time know that I have dubbed this as “The Book“. There are several reasons why I am stoked to get my hands on a copy of this book (should be in transit to me as I type!), but one of the main reasons is I get to check out what 4 of the authors have to say of whom I follow daily from a DBA standpoint.

I am certain that all of the authors deserve kudos for their efforts in getting their respective pieces completed; for me personally I wanted to give a big shout out to Grant Fritchey, Gail Shaw, Jason Strate, and Chris Shaw. These 4 people have helped me tremendously in my career thus far by their efforts in the community and sharing their knowledge.

Looking forward to seeing what the book has to offer. I suggest you give the book a shot if you haven’t thought about it buying it yet.

You can find the book on Amazon here.

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