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Interview with Warwick Rudd

Interview with Warwick Rudd

  Part of traveling to various events and being a part of the SQL Community means one can meet some pretty awesome professionals. I was fortunate enough to run into Warwick Rudd (B|T) at one of the PASS Summit events held in Seattle, and he definitely lives up to all the hype. Warwick is a […]

Dashboard Time

I was fortunate enough to attend the PASS 2011 Summit in Seattle. If you do not know what I am speaking of when I say PASS I encourage you to check it out. PASS stands for Professional Association for SQL Server. The event that is put on yearly speaks for itself and I can dedicate […]

The Microsoft SQL Server MVP

What is an MVP? For myself growing up in the realm of sports through high school and college an MVP is a most valuable player. In general an MVP is recognized in his area or field, an honor bestowed on him or her that distinguishes them as being recognized by their peers. What is a […]