Entering the SQL Matrix

MatrixI know why you are here and I know what you’ve been doing. You hardly sleep and why night after night you sit by the computer; you are looking for what they call ~ The SQL Knowledge. I know because I too have looked for the knowledge, and when that knowledge found me it told me I was not really looking for it; I was simply looking for an answer. It’s the question that drives SQL Data Professionals and is the question that brought you here……

The SQL Matrix is comprised of many components and with that comes SQL Data Professionals from all walks of life from all over the world. It has been amazing to see components of peoples skill set come together to provide different view points on various topics.

Well, I’m about to welcome everyone to the Desert of the Real where real SQL Data Professionals collaborate with one another on various topics related to SQL. What you will come to know as MCJJ (Mickey Stuewe, Chris Yates, Jeffrey Verheul, and Julie Koesmarno); you will find four distinct Data Professionals who seek to gain more knowledge inside the SQL Matrix and provide thoughts and real life scenarios into series of blog posts.

With that said I now must tell you; you have two choices:

  1. You can take the blue pill and go back to sitting in front of your computer all day long stuck in the mundane rut that happens to all of us
  2. You can take the red pill and join MCJJ on this collaboration effort and perhaps hopefully pick up some new and interesting SQL Tips along the way.

The option is yours what will you decide.

Tomorrow will mark our first collaboration; I’m happy to announce that it will be done on Red Gate’s Utility – SQL Search.

Check out my peers reviews tomorrow and also check out the others collaboration release posts.

Stay Tuned

Please visit the following links to see the unique views of my collaborators.

To follow our quest for SQL knowledge through this collaborative project, follow the #SQLCoOp tag on Twitter.

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