Is Today Your Last Day Working With SQL?

Please entertain this thought for a moment – If today was your last day working with SQL how would you spend it?

Now, this post is assuming you, as the reader, are working with SQL in some form or fashion; however take the question and apply it to some other form of technology if that fancies you.

I started thinking about this question not long ago. It got me to ponder (as my friend Tom Roush (B|T) would say ) a bit . If I woke up one morning knowing it was my last day as a data professional to work with the SQL platform how would I spend it?

Would those arguments with developers that have been encountered through the years be at the forefront, or maybe it is the conversation with my storage administrator on how much is being consumed.

Perhaps it is taking that extra moment to answer someone’s question instead of ignoring them due to “priorities” that need to have some form of completion.

As I type this I have my PASS Summit 2015 credentials in front of me and I am reading words such as “community zone” and “community appreciation party”. Have I done enough to help better this SQL community?

Answer to all those questions is – I don’t know.

I tackle each day as a new opportunity to impact something or someone. Whether it is in the shop, with some form of technology, a family member, or a friend – I think what has put some things in perspective for me here lately are life events.

My dedication to SQL and the community that I so richly am blessed to be a part of has not and will not waver – I’m just a data professional looking at a question that I really am not sure I can answer at this point in time.

Have you ever poured your heart and soul into something – yes many of you have and will continue to do so as will I.

I see posts on topics such as “What will I tell my future self” and “Someday”; those types of posts are starting to hit home to me. For me, everyone is different, but I do feel it is important to tackle each day as a new beginning.

Things can change in a heart beat; we work with some pretty awesome technology but even more so some pretty talented data professionals – don’t take that for granted. There will be a day and a time to hang it up and when that time comes, I hope I can look back and say with 100% certainty that I gave all I had, left it all out on the field, and that I have nothing left in me.

  • Continue to learn
  • Continue to make an impact
  • Continue to fight when you feel like fighting no more
  • Continue to be the best you can be; that means be the best you that you can be.

So, I ask you – If today was your last day working with SQL how would you spend it?

11 thoughts on “Is Today Your Last Day Working With SQL?

  1. John Sterrett

    Sorry Chris, I hit send to quickly and forgot to answer your question. It is also an honor to be the first one to answer the following question. How would I spend my last day working on SQL?

    I would spend my last day with SQL Server not using SQL at all. Instead, I would thank everyone who has mentored me and guided me to my final day. It’s a blessing that we can do this with several mentors at the Member Summit every year. The more I think about this, I might need a whole week for that task when that day comes.

    I have a feeling my answer won’t surprise you either. I cannot wait to see others responses here.

  2. Lori Edwards

    Hey Chris – what a good post. How would I spend my last day working on SQL? I’m guessing packing up my desk to enter retirement. I’m glad that you’re part of the community – I think you inspire more people than you could ever know.

  3. tomroush

    Oh wow, John – I was thinking the same thing – the technology’s fine… but when you get down to it – it’s ones and zeroes, and you’re pretty much working with other people’s data…

    The thing that Chris’s post got me pondering about 😉 is that other part…

    How many people have I met along the way? how many have I reached up to for a hand up? (a lot).
    How many have I had the privilege of reaching back, and helping with a hand up? (I honestly don’t know, but I’m sure there’s a few out there)
    …and then the pondering hit home…
    The data? It’s someone else’s that I’m entrusted with.
    The technology? It’s all tools to work with that data.

    But the people?
    …and the friendships?
    …and the relationships?
    …and sqlfamily?

    Those, those I get to keep.

    So if it were my last day – I’d probably do just what John did…

    Thanks for the chance (both of you) to think about this – (and thanks, both of you, for being some of those people who’d be on my list. 🙂


    1. Chris Yates Post author

      Always thankful for your words and vision Tom. I’m sure this is something that will not go away in my mind. It seems to be a constant right now.

  4. Greg Coopman

    The SQL community is great, that is for sure, and I am grateful everyday for the unselfish time people put in helping others in this community. But, I also will look at leaving SQL my last day with the hope that the conscientious effort I put into to writing quality and tested code continues to benefit those who have to depend on it in the future. The best feelings I get is hearing from past associates that the systems I have written in the past are still plugging away giving value to the companies I served. I also wish that others I have helped along the way, remember me with positive thoughts that I encouraged or help them in some way.

  5. Chuck

    I’d do the same thing I did all the days leading up to that day. Fixing problems, improving performance, and passing on my knowledge to the next generation.

  6. John Sebold

    Just a little late to the party, but I have been retired for about 8 years. I was in Technical Support supporting many servers and disk arrays, oh yeah and DBAs. Well two years ago I put up an MSSQL Express DB and have been learning T-SQL. Just having fun!!!


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