SQL Doc by RedGate

I recently was on a call where a technical unit indicated they did not receive any form of documentation around the vendor database that was created. Now, seeing that I fall into the database profession it sparked my fancy. I began to ask a few questions to the individual who was asking for this documentation;... Continue Reading →

Friends Of Red Gate 2015

I’m excited that I’ve been asked to be back involved for another year in the Friends of Red Gate program. This program allows influential community members, community bloggers,  MVP’s and intuitive minds an inside track on helping with pre-existing and existing utilities that Red Gate has in their arsenal. I am a Red Gate user and... Continue Reading →

The Question – Why?

The question I get asked a lot by other data professionals at conferences, events, speaking engagements, family, friends, etc. is Why do you do what you do? Why do you put yourself through some of the things that data professionals have to endure at times with the non stop phone calls, system crashes, data breaches? What... Continue Reading →

SQL Prompt 6.4 – Get It

This guy looks just like me a few weeks ago only one difference.....he has hair!!! Okay seriously though, I felt just like this guy not long ago and the reason for this was due to the fact I have become accustomed to specific tools and utilities that I utilize on a daily basis. Is this... Continue Reading →

SQL Prompt – The Power Within

Come a little closer; no seriously come on over just a little closer as I don't want to you to miss this. Can you hear me? Good, listen if you are in this Data Professional game for very long than you will have some "go to" utilities when you need them. Over my 14 year... Continue Reading →

Worst Day As A DBA

I remember the day pretty vividly, it was in the summer months and I was as green as green can be coming into the technology field. Walking through the doors to the start of my career  I was ready to tackle the world. The training for new hire sessions had already been completed and it... Continue Reading →

RedGate SQL Search Has What????

This week I am back at it with my SQLCoOp friends in sharing the goodness of a utility that has helped us all ~ RedGate's SQL Search plug in for SSMS.  This utility has always been helpful in perusing through the schema of any SQL architecture in the search for the gems that we as... Continue Reading →

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