Hold The Fort

Have you ever heard the phrase "Hold The Fort"? Long ago in battle supply routes were targeted by enemy regiments that would cut off rations to fighting units. As the battle ensued the enemy had driven back their counterparts to a small area on a hill. They were being overwhelmed with many wounded and dying;... Continue Reading →

Blink – Year is gone

As the door begins to knock I start to wonder who it can be. As I begin to open it the person on the other side asks if he can talk to Perfection. No, I replied, perfection isn't here and will never be here. That same concept is what this blog I started 4 years... Continue Reading →

Fab Five – The SQL

The History The original Fab Five dates back to 1991 when five high school kids found their way to the University of Michigan to play college basketball. These guys were the best of the best coming out of high school; four of them were ranked in the top ten while the fifth was ranked in... Continue Reading →

Linked Server Set-Up

At times I take for granted some of the features that SQL has to offer. One of the features that I was asked about from some fellow colleagues is setting up a Linked Server. First, what is a Linked Server? A linked server basically allows a SQL Server Database engine to execute commands against OLE... Continue Reading →

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