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The Next Chapter ~ A SQL Journey

  The past five years have been nothing short of an amazing ride on this thing we call “The SQL Journey”. I never cease to be amazed by the many outstanding data professionals we have in the PASS community. For me, this ride has been a great learning experience. In addition, I am very thankful […]

Reflections and Looking Forward

Time is slowly ticking toward 0:00 on the clock. As I look around I couldn’t help but reflect back on the game – the game being 2015. Did I give it my all? Did I leave everything out on the court, and lay it all on the line? Sadly, I’m sure I could have done […]

SQL Saturday Field Notes

As you walk toward the entrance the door opens and there stands a volunteer smiling welcoming you in. You make your way into the building where you are ushered toward the sign in table; there is where you are greeted by more volunteers who help you get checked in and situated. After you get checked […]

SQL Prompt – The Power Within

Come a little closer; no seriously come on over just a little closer as I don’t want to you to miss this. Can you hear me? Good, listen if you are in this Data Professional game for very long than you will have some “go to” utilities when you need them. Over my 14 year […]

Trumpet Sounds; Call To Post

This past weekend was the KY Derby. All eyes are on this one day of horse racing; celebrities come in to town in what seems to be a whirlwind two days. According to experts over 100 million dollars is pumped into the local economy. I get to see all the hoopla firsthand, and throughout the […]

Windows Functions; Who Knew?

Windows Functions; Who Knew?

SQL windows functions, it would seem, get lost in the shuffle most of the time when dealing with SQL. Why do you think that is? I honestly think that it is more or less developers, DBA’s, and data professionals are oblivious to some of the cool features that can be accomplished with its utilization. To put […]

Entering the SQL Matrix

Entering the SQL Matrix

I know why you are here and I know what you’ve been doing. You hardly sleep and why night after night you sit by the computer; you are looking for what they call ~ The SQL Knowledge. I know because I too have looked for the knowledge, and when that knowledge found me it told […]