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Backups – They Are Needed, Who Knew?

Backups are essential for a successful business model. That statement may or may spark some topics for debate, but at the end of the day if the data professional does not have a form of backup in place for his/her business needs you may, no you will, feel the pain. It may not happen today, […]

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer – Don’t Leave Home Without It

If you’ve been around me long enough then you realize that I am a Red Gate fanatic. With that said I’ve grown accustomed to another utility called SQL Sentry Plan Explorer by SQL Sentry. I’m a big Aaron Bertrand (B|T) fan and he is the one that first introduced me to this utility via his […]

C-R-U-D The Basics

C-R-U-D The Basics What is CRUD? Well, there are a lot of things I can think of when I use the term CRUD; however within the wonderful world of technology CRUD is an acronym that surprisingly enough, when I polled, didn’t really give a straight answer. That really surprised me; so with that said I […]

ISPACs – Got To Love Em

Being a DBA and working with various teams, I have become accustomed to deploying SSIS packages. I’ll even go back further and, dare I say, DTS packages (I hope everyone did not just fall on the floor while reading that). Now-a-days this Database Professional does more deploying packages than developing them; with that said I […]

Alerts – Who Knew?

This week I am back at it with my SQLCoOp friends in sharing something new that we’ve learned since our last post. You ready? Great, pull up a chair and let’s see where this takes us shall we? Wait a second…….do you hear that……..no, listen closer…….ALERT ALERT ALERT! Sirens seem to be going off all […]

RedGate SQL Search Has What????

This week I am back at it with my SQLCoOp friends in sharing the goodness of a utility that has helped us all ~ RedGate’s SQL Search plug in for SSMS.  This utility has always been helpful in perusing through the schema of any SQL architecture in the search for the gems that we as […]