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New SQL Blogging Challenge

I recently came across Tim Ford’s (B|T) challenge to the technical blogging community. The challenge is to write one introductory level blog per month for the community. A simple statement with a profound substance to it. How many times do you and I take for granted the knowledge we have and share both privately and […]

HADR Virtual Chapter Involvement

  I am always looking for ways to get involved within the PASS community. One such way that has become available is the opportunity to get to work with two stellar individuals, one of whom was part of why I became involved within the SQL Community. John Sterrett (b|t) and I have been speaking some […]

Community Involvement–Why Wait?

Everyone has a story; some stories are similar while some stories are vastly different. People always make the statement that you shouldn’t “assume” because if you do….well then you know what happens! I will go out on a limb and gather to say that many fall into the category I did when it comes to […]

T-SQL Tuesday #72 Invitation – Data Modeling Gone Wrong

T-SQL Tuesday is here again. I’ve had good intentions the past few times this event has come around and even have drafts still waiting to be queued up which I will eventually turn into regular blog posts, but I decided to just make time this month and jump back into the monthly party. This month […]

PASS Summit Recap and Experience

The day finally came and I was fortunate, no I was blessed to be a part of the PASS Summit held out in Seattle, WA. This year would be my fourth year attending in five years. I did miss when it was held in Charlotte, go figure it was closer there to me. In any […]

Live Blog – Pass Summit Key Note – 1

PASS Summit Key note is off the ground and running….. President Thomas LaRock talks about the 16th annual meeting that is taking place and the #sqlfamily. This event is really like a family reunion with over 58 countries and 2,000 companies that are here to get this party started. THIS IS OUR COMMUNITY One of […]

Live Blogging PASS Summit

Live Blogging PASS Summit

This year I was fortunate enough to get the invite to join the live bloggers table for both keynotes going on. Looking forward to the opportunity and to what has to be said at each speaker. This morning’s keynote will begin at 8:15 a.m. so don’t be late!!!