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Reports In SSISDB

I was approached with an in shop issue where a group could not view the execution reports in the SSISDB. The reason for this was due to the security standards in place at the shop; the user could not be allowed to have the SSIS_Admin role. In order to allow the user group access to […]

SQL Sentry Plan Explorer – Don’t Leave Home Without It

If you’ve been around me long enough then you realize that I am a Red Gate fanatic. With that said I’ve grown accustomed to another utility called SQL Sentry Plan Explorer by SQL Sentry. I’m a big Aaron Bertrand (B|T) fan and he is the one that first introduced me to this utility via his […]

RedGate SQL Search Has What????

This week I am back at it with my SQLCoOp friends in sharing the goodness of a utility that has helped us all ~ RedGate’s SQL Search plug in for SSMS.  This utility has always been helpful in perusing through the schema of any SQL architecture in the search for the gems that we as […]

Windows Functions; Who Knew?

Windows Functions; Who Knew?

SQL windows functions, it would seem, get lost in the shuffle most of the time when dealing with SQL. Why do you think that is? I honestly think that it is more or less developers, DBA’s, and data professionals are oblivious to some of the cool features that can be accomplished with its utilization. To put […]

T-SQL Tuesday #051: Place Your Bets

T-SQL Tuesday #051: Place Your Bets

This months T-SQL Tuesday block party is coming from the renowned Jason Brimhall (blog|twitter). You see each month a SQL Community member hosts this block party and this months theme is “Place Your Bets”. So you want to gamble? Come on up to the SQL table and place your bets. Any Data Professional is welcome […]

T-SQL Tuesday #040: File and Filegroup Wisdom

It’s that time again for the T-SQL Tuesday party! This party was created by none other than Adam Machanic (Twitter). If you are interested in hosting a party at some point this year give him a shout; you need to have participated in two T-SQL Tuesdays along the way and also maintain your own blog […]

Select * Syndrome

Something that I have seen lately over and over again and even ran into this morning is a practice that I would say is a pretty bad habit in SQL….the dreaded Select * syndrome This method is heavily used for adhoc querying and I’ve seen it used in some troubleshooting scenarios but in my case […]